About TerraSana positive eating

Organic food is our passion. We want to see you enjoy pure and honest products. This makes us happy. We believe that plant-based food is the future. This is why almost all our 436 products are vegan. We make it easy for you to do something good for yourself and the world around you every day. That is positive eating!

Nut butters in-house

We make nut butters ourselves and package a large part of our products in-house. We do this with a lot of passion and love in a small Dutch town called Leimuiden. We import other products from all over the world. If they are pure, plant-based and tasty, we are sold!

Our promise

✓ Great collaborations with small farmers and family businesses
✓ Authentic or innovative (specially developed for us) production
✓ Pure product compositions
✓ Fair working conditions
✓ More and more environmentally friendly packaging: 25% less plastic by 2020!


Nature gives us a lot of delicious food. If we take good care of the planet, we will get it right back. We believe in plant-based food and its (necessary) future. Respect for people, animals and the planet is at the top of our list and we want to inspire you!

Health food stores

Buy TerraSana products in thousands of organic food stores throughout Europe, in more than 40 countries. Find them in large organic supermarket chains as well as smaller (private) health food stores. 


All of our products are certified with the Skal trademark.


Click here to view our food safety certificate.

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