Mango amazake ice cream

Only sweetened with amazake
There is nothing better than a scoop of ice cream after a good evening meal. You can make this ice cream in 5 minutes, without using an ice cream machine! It is best when you work with frozen fruit and serve the ice cream immediately.
DessertIce cream and desserts4 popsicles10 minutes preparation4 hours waiting

This is what you need

Frozen mango pieces500 g
Amazake rice100 gCoconut blossom sugar2 tbsp
Lemon1 tsp
Fresh mint2 tbsp



This is how you make it

  1. Place the frozen mango pieces and the amazake in the blender. Grind until an ice-like substance forms.
  2. Then add the mint, lemon and coconut blossom sugar and mix again.
  3. Garnish with some mint leaves.


  • If you still want to keep it in the freezer, stir the ice regularly for the first 4 hours, to prevent ice crystals.
  • This mango amazake ice cream is delicious in combination with lukewarm, sticky coconut rice. Cook 100 grams of sushi riceĀ almost dry, add 50 grams of amazake and 50 grams of ground coconut in the last 5 minutes. Garnish with 2 tablespoons of toasted almond flakes.